Panacea Case Company

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Panacea Case Co. creates products that have vintage appeal with modern day attributes. We pride ourselves on creating the highest quality case on the market, which will not only protect your pen and cartridges, but also hold onto that sleek aesthetic that most cases today lack. Our initial product launch is TBA, so please sign up today to receive a notification of when we are live on KICKS TARTER and be the first to get updates on new products. Become part of the Panacea Case family today!

Our Products

Elixir Case

A throwback to the 1940’s and 50’s Art Deco style cigarette cases, Panacea Elixir Case is a new take on a timeless classic with features that cater to today’s vape pen user. A micro-USB charging port to conveniently charge your pen on the go, individual ports tightly hold your standard sized pen and two cartridges, and interchangeable “faces” you can slide on and off your case with ease to personalize it to your liking. Additionally, the Elixir Case is roughly the size of your iPhone, so taking your pen and cartridges on the go has never been easier. All of these features make Panacea Case Co.’s Elixir Case truly unique to anything currently on the market.




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